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Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Corporate Responsibility

RUSORO MINING takes great pride in its commitment to operate in a manner that preserves the environment and the dignity of the communities in which it operates. The company is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and continuing its conscientious stewardship of natural resources and the ecology for present and future generations.

To attain the overall vision, the company will strive to:
  • Integrate pollution prevention and environmental protection measures into all operations and projects.

  • Ensure that all activities comply with applicable environmental laws and standards.

  • Incorporate environmental management into management practices throughout the company

RUSORO MINING and all of its employees share in the responsibility for meeting this commitment to both the environment and the community.

Social Responsibility

RUSORO MINING recognizes among its highest priorities its responsibility and commitment to the social well being and development of the communities in which it works. To this end, the Company integrates these responsibilities in the development and implementation of its operational policies, ensuring that all of the Company's activities accommodate the needs of the communities and assist with their development wherever possible. Specifically the Company is committed to;

  • Providing employment within the communities in which it operates and offering educational and training opportunities to all of its employees to in turn enhance the overall workforce.

  • Assisting with infrastructure development as well as the medical, educational and social program needs in all of the communities in which it operates.

Management at Rusoro takes very seriously the preservation of the social, cultural and environmental uniqueness of the regions in which it works. The Company is proud of its record of strong community relations and conscientious environmental stewardship and will strive to continue to be a model corporate citizen and partner with the governments and people of the communities.

Examples of Corporate Responsibility

Over the past six years the Company has worked with the members of the regional communities and various indigenous groups to further its mandate of community and social assistance on a number of capital projects.

In 2005 & 2006 alone the Company donated in excess of $9,303,553,329 Bs. ($3.5 million US) and manpower to complete a number of diverse projects.

San Antonio Roscio

During 2005/06, in the town of San Antonio the Company worked with the indigenous community to complete amongst other things;

  • A capital program for the construction of roads and paving throughout the community.

  • A medical doctor's office which was equipped with medical supplies and the required medical equipment.

  • The construction of a school to allow not only the children to attend regular school, but to also allow adults access to the computers, the internet, and a library.

El Placer/San Rafael

In the mining towns of San Rafael and El Placer the Company has initiated a number of projects (outlined below) and continues to work in concert with the communities in planning future projects.

  • Improved transportation services for the community.

  • An on-going program to guarantee a clean and reliable water system.

  • A medical building maintained by Rusoro. The facility guarantees free basic medical aid to the community.

  • A school and a teacher maintained by Rusoro for the children of the area to attend elementary school.


El Dorado and Tumeremo are larger towns where many of Rusoro's employees and workers live.

They have both received donations for schools and infrastructure improvements and in the case of Tumeremo for the development of a sanitary water plant for the town.


In 2006 Rusoro contributed $300 Million Bs., for a capital project through Fundaserpe for the development of an Intermediate Pediatrics Care Unit and an Intensive Care Unit at the Guaiparo Hospital in San Felix, Puerto Ordaz.  
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